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Is your loved one in need of Home Help? Contact our team today for more information on our Home Care Services!


Person Care

At Person Care we understand that for many of our loved ones, there comes a time when they require assistance with their care daily. In many cases, our loved ones prefer to remain in their homes and retain as much independence as possible.


At Person Care, our primary goal is to provide clients with friendship and companionship. We ensure that your loved ones will be matched with Carers with similar personalities and interests. We aspire to create an environment where both carers and clients thoroughly enjoy each other's company and as such make every day brighter.

Our team of carers are highly experienced and are certified with at least a QQI Level 5 qualification in Home Care.

Is your loved one in need of Home Help? Contact our team today for more information on our Home Care Services!


Woman & Doctor
Home care services
Home care services

At Person Care our main goal is to promote and assist your loved one in maintaining their activities of daily life. We do so by helping or enabling them to carry out their day-to-day tasks whilst providing them with a companion along the way. Our carers have years of experience in the care sector and as such have developed the skills necessary to carry out their role in a professional manner but most importantly they have learned the importance of person centred care and are passionate about this.

Overnight Care
Overnight Care

Overnight Care is a service we at Person Care offer. Our Carers will provide companionship to your loved ones, aswell as assisting in and/or preparing supper, prompt medication and assist in personal care before ensuring that they are settled down for a good night’s sleep

Morning Lunchtime and evening time visits
Morning, Lunchtime and Evening visits

Our team at Person Care offers clients a professional Morning, Lunchtime and Evening visit service. Our home visits allow us to check in on your loved ones and run small errands if necessary.


Our home visits ensure your loved ones are safe and have some assistance and company during the day.

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