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Person Care


Person Care

Morning, Lunchtime and Evening visits

Person Care offers Morning, Lunchtime and Evening visits as required. Our carers will call in to see your loved one and assist them with whatever needs to be done.



Your loved one will always have a friendly face coming through the door. We match each client's personality and interests to their Carer.



We want to provide continuity to our clients' lives, ensuring they always have a sense of routine.



Please see below for the details on what our hourly Morning, Lunchtime and Evening visits entail.

Person Care

Interested in our morning, lunchtime or evening visits for your loved one? Contact our team today for more information

What do our Home Visits include

As part of our morning, lunchtime & evening time care visits our carers will give any assistance required to your loved one including:

Ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable

Assist in personal care

Assist in meal preparation

Prompt medication

If you are interested in our morning, lunchtime & evening time visits please contact us!

What are the advantages of our Home Visits?

They provide continuity to our client’s lives

Our carers ensure that their client has everything they need for the day

Our carers provide a friendly face, company and a listening ear

Personal Care

Our carers ensure that your loved one is eating well and regularly

Potential hazards in the home will be noticed by our carers and made safe/highlighted providing that added sense of security to our client’s families

Is your loved one in need of a Morning, Lunchtime or Evening visit service? Contact our team today for more information!

How long do our Home Visits usually last?

At Person Care, our home visits usually last around one hour for our Morning, Lunchtime and evening time visits service. This is to ensure that our clients have everything they need to go about their day and check that they are doing okay.

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